Referral Form

We are honored to be part of your referring dentists’ team, and provide high-quality endodontic care to patients. We consider referring dentists to be the Key Doctor in patients’ oral health. Be assured that we will be on your team and be a helpful partner in your work.

After completing an endodontic treatment for a patient referred by a dentist, we give them oral and written instructions at chairside and checkout to return to the restorative dentist in a few weeks for the final restoration. We also send a detailed report to the referring dentist as soon as we complete the treatment via postal mail or email. Furthermore, we call the referring dentists whenever there are concerns.

We are honored to be a vital part of your dental team and provide your patients with high-quality endodontic care. Thank you for your trust and support!

Doctor addressing the patient

Dentists are asked to use the following guidelines to address patients who inquire about a connection between root canal treatment and illness:

  • Acknowledge the patient’s concerns; stress that optimum health is the goal for every dental patient.
  • Provide the patient with written information about endodontic treatment, and discuss it. The AAE has a variety of patient education brochures available for purchase (AAE Online Store).
  • Provide the patient with information from the AAE website about common root canal myths:
  • Indicate that the patient is in control of his/her own decision to move forward with any dental procedure, and reiterate a commitment to the highest quality dental care.